Hand Calluses From Lifting: The What, Why & How Detailed Facts

Lifting hand calluses - what, why & how?

Hand Calluses: The Facts

Lifting hand calluses - what?

What are hand calluses?

Put simply, calluses are layers of dead skin that begin to build up and harden. The palms and soles of the feet are the body parts that receive the most stress and trauma. As a result, these are the areas on which calluses most often develop. The layers of dead skin, referred to as a callus, serves to protect the body from threats like infection and stress damage.




Lifting hand calluses : why?Why do calluses form?

In the simplest terms, calluses form when friction changes the skin redevelopment cycle. Unnatural tugging, pulling and rubbing of the skin can lead to heat-induced trauma caused by the friction of the motion. The skin that is affected by this type of stress is unable to regenerate properly, causing more dead skin than is typical in the natural skin reformation pattern. While calluses are caused by friction, they also serve to protect the body from future trauma and salvage the new skin forming beneath the surface.


Lifting hand calluses: How?How does lifting cause calluses?

Calluses typically occur when skin is exposed to friction caused when it rubs or grinds against a surface. Weightlifting requires that you wrap your hands around a metal bar loaded with heavy weights. There are a number of different places in which pinching, squeezing, and rubbing can lead to calluses. Calluses can often be a sign of a weak grip. When lifting with a steady grip, there is less movement of the hand and less opportunity for friction to cause calluses. It is very common for calluses to begin on the pinky finger due to this being the weakest part of the hand. A fulfilling weightlifting routine constantly involves pushing yourself to lift more weight, making calluses an unfortunate but likely side effect. If you are tired of being hampered by the presence of calluses then do not miss out on the opportunity to try a pair of the most innovative, effective gloves available.

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