Calluses on hand: The solution

Hand Calluses solution
After reading the “Hand Calluses: The Facts” article you have a deeper understanding of hand calluses and their relation to fitness. This article will address how to deal with calluses to continue to get the most of your weightlifting routine. There are a number of reasons why people dislike calluses on their hands for both aesthetic and comfort purposes. Calluses can also cause pain or discomfort during lifting, potentially affecting the ability to maintain proper technique. Some people may not even realize the degree to which calluses can affect your ability to properly grip and lift weights. Hand pain and calluses can even cause you to have to drop a weight or let go of a bar.
Four Solutions to Deal with Hand Calluses
TIP 1– The first and most simple solution is to purchase a basic, generic pair of weightlifting gloves. While they will not provide the same benefits of Barehand Gloves, they are better than nothing. Traditional weightlifting gloves are easily accessible and are, most likely, sold at the gym in which you are a member.
TIP 2– The next solution is about technique, making it completely free and totally within your control. The technique involves a grip referred to as the “J Hook.” What makes this grip different is that it involves holding the weight closer to the lower region of your hand. Holding the weight this way places less stress on the parts of your hand that typically develop calluses. However, the downside of this method is that it often results in a weaker grip. If you are lifting more than 80% of your max, it is not advised that you use the “J Hook.” A high quality pair of gloves will help you lift more while minimizing the effect it takes on your hands.
TIP 3– The third solution that we are going to talk about deals with the aftercare of your hands. If you notice that you are developing calluses, it is okay to let them grow to a certain point. Once the dead skin begins to build up to a point in which it is interfering with your grip, use a callous trimmer to get rid of the excess. We recommend the Callous Precision Blade Trimmer because of the amount of control that it offers.
TIP 4– The fourth and final tip involves preventative measures that can be taken to reduce the chance of developing calluses. Barehand Gloves are innovative new product that is currently in development. These weightlifting gloves provide protection from the threats of weightlifting while omitting some of the negative features that come with traditional gloves. Do not waste any more time worrying about calluses and their effect on your lifting routine. Join the 1000s of others excited to be a part of something as revolutionary as Barehand Gloves.
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