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Amy P
I generally hate training with anything that comes between me and the bar… I really liked Barehand!!! I definitely recommend them and am going to continue training in them.
Amy P / Crossfit Games Athlete x3
Michael S.

Barehand are a perfect blend of minimal & functional. You don’t know they’re there till it’s time for them to work. And work they do.

Michael S. / CEO of PR Jump Ropes

I can honestly say I notice a difference in my grip…, no rip! I’ve used them in every WOD since I got them. Pull-ups, deadlifts, clean & jerk, snatch, kettlebell swings… thrusters.

Kim / Crossfit Athlete
Ashlie A.

Amazing performance handled for the bars, ropes & wall climbs #feelthebars

Ashlie A. / OCR Athlete
Osa S.

I was against wearing gloves because they make your hands weaker. But Barehand is so thin that I can feel the bar and still have the natural hand grip without the friction.

Osa S. / CEO of Fitnessbyosa.com
Yussef S.

I swear to god, you gonna love Barehand gloves .. It feels like real bare hands

Yussef S. / Crossfitter
Randy Dizon

Friction reduction design is awesome and Barehand makes the muscle-up easier.

Randy Dizon / Calisthenic Athlete



Awesome gloves! Me and my wife both have a pair have turned several people on to your gloves, love them!
Ok, so first I want to mention how much I appreciate the size chart (relative to a credit card) given to figure out my size-- they fit PERFECTLY on the first try! Also they arrive quickly in the mail for me with a cute lil "we love you :-)" note on the front!
Honestly the best customer service I have ever experienced. You don't get this kind of customer service very often these days. I bought my first pair of barehand gloves lat year. During a move I lost that pair. So I ordered two more pairs. Just a few days ago I notice one of the glove that I had recently ordered, the stitching is coming off on it. I contacted the customer service and within minutes they ordered me new glove at no cost. I mean yes I am under 90 day warranty but still, it was all done so fast! And the product it self is freakin amazing!! Try it out, you will not be disappointed at all!
I love my Barehand gloves! I've purchased other gloves, but none of them give me the control these do. I can still grip the bar, but my hands are supported so I don;t rip. I love how soft and flexible they are. I've told all my CrossFit friends about them and encouraging everyone to order some. Great product!
Use them for every crossfit workout. They are great, they stay in place, no bunching and no more painful calluses.
Works great - Good grip on pullup bars and also barbells
This are great! Other gloves didn't allow me to have a good grip on the bar or rigs. These are light and get the job done!
Ordered my gloves late Wednesday afternoon and received them Friday. I am so excited to test them out. More reviews to come �
These gloves are the best gloves I've had. From rowing to weightlifting these have been awesome. They have helped my grip and wearing these for just a few weeks reduced the calluses on my hands significantly. These are advertised to be used for olympic weight lifting. I've had success using these when practicing cleans, snatches, and jerks. The only thing that I'm not able to do in these is the combination of the clean and jerk because I typically re-adjust my grip slightly between the two lifts and it's tough to do so in these gloves.
I highly recommend these. I have been wearing full gloves so I dont get scratchy calluses on my hands for work but these are great and are also helping to improve my grip strength! **just had the physio test my grip strength and it has improved!!***
I love these gloves. Soft, flexible and very comfortable. Great service by the Tran abd Barehand as well..... thank you ��
I’ve have the pleasure of owning these curves and they are a wonder I had two broken hands and all I can say is no I can do things again they’re helping me build my tendons in my ligaments in my bone structure back to normal I am very very happy and they look great I’ve had compliments on them too I think you so much for making these they are lightweight easy to wear washable am more than ever they work I love you guys thank you so much again for making my life and my family happy
I think these are very good gloves and they help from my hands hurting all the time
Love how thin these gloves are, it feels like I’m “barehanded”! So happy I finally purchased them, worth every penny!
These gloves are by far the best I’ve had! My hands have never been better. Amazing 5/5 ���
Received mine and I am in love with them! Fast delivery, great response from customer services and the product �
These gloves are the best ones I've purchased. The grip is perfect. I recommend them to everyone that ask me where did I get them from. #karmafitness_kf
Love these!! I do crossfit and use them for all barbell work, kettle bells, strict rig work, rope climbs and much more. They are extremely comfortable. They protect your hands in all the right places... nothing worse than ripping your hands and then being limited with what you can do at the gym until they are better. Highly recommend �
Barry and gloves are awesome and very comfortable while lifting weights they don't make my hands feel overly smothered which most gloves do it helps me keep a great grip on the weights and machines I love these gloves they let me worry about lifting with ease and comfort

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