Our Badass Guarantee

Returns Accepted:


Return Deadline:

90 days after item receipt

Type of Credit:

Full Refund


Used or Unused, doesn’t matter. We want you to be happy.


Upon receipt of return a refund will be issued within 2-4 business days

Replacement Timeframe:

Replacements will ship out 3-5 business days after original return is received

Eligibility Window

All of us here at Raww Gear stand behind the quality of our products. If our product is not the best, simply return it.
We do offer returns, the item must be returned within 90 days of your original order delivery date.

Additional Return Policies

With our great return policy, some people will try to abuse it. Our return window of 2nd return by an individual is 30 days and the item must be in unused condition.
Our rules are very simple.  Be honest with us and we will take care of you.

How to return an item

Step 1

Request an RMA # by contacting us.

Step 2

Wait for us to issue you a RMA #.  Once you receive an RMA please print/write it down and attach it with your return.

Step 3

Once the return arrives back to us, we’ll process the refund and contact you if any additional information is needed. Refunds and exchanges are normally processed within 72 hours of arriving to us. Credit back to your card may take up to 2-10 days to post back on your statement.