Raww ™ Philosophy - Spreading Inspiration

About us- Our company was launched in 2010 by a group of fitness experts dedicated to motivating their clients through results. We started our company in Pleasanton, CA with motivational T-shirts. We sold out of the 2,000 T-shirts with in 2 months. Our simple designs, received such a good feedback that we decided to expand our company to provide unique gear for everyone around the world. Currently we are developing our gym fitness shirts and we plan to release our tees for men and women in 2 months. We are also releasing the best callus protection gloves which would be perfect for WOD, pullups, biking, weight lifting, rowing and any other sport that involves using a handle. Some of our designs are currently available online but our full collection of inspirational fitness clothing will be launched soon.


Luxury, style and functionality

We are a company that produces a range of products from apparel to gear that will improve your fitness level, although our main goal is to help improve everyone’s fitness level through motivation. All of our gear follows the principles of nature by applying the minimalist approach combined with technology to develop functional gear that will motivate you to the next level of fitness.



RAWW – stands for unrefined and authenticity. Something that is in each one of us naturally but we often fail to express it. The extra ” W ” is for the expressive form of raw, which screams self-pride attitude.

Visual identity – The human scratch

In this competitive world, we are often meet with obstacles beyond our capacity to concur. Through our scratch, we represents the difficult times that we have to go through to become better. We inspire people to overcome the difficult times through hard work and by focusing on the positives so you can crawl for the extra inch out of your mind and body.