What are Raww Sponsorship oppportunities?

At Raww Gear, we want to build relationships with people that are passionate about fitness. At Raww, we are not close minded about our sponsorship program, we sponsor people/events that fit our Raww philosophy and spread the joy of healthy living while building other pillars of complete life from health, wealth, true relationships and giving back. Being sponsored does not allow you sell or distribute our products, in order to sell any of our product, you have to join our affiliate program separately.

Raww Athlete sponsorship is for any professional & upcoming athletes that are inspiring in there respective fields such as Bodybuilding, Cross-Train, rowing, cycling and others. As part of Raww athlete sponsorship, you are required to actively compete in fitness competition, travel to LA for our video shoots (paid expenses) and accompany us to trade events when required. Unlike other companies, we are very exclusive about athletes that represent our brand. We select very few athletes so we can compensate our athletes well. We want our focusing on training rather than worrying about there expenses..

Application Selection Process?

Due to high demand for our sponsorship, we have outsourced the selection process to agency who specialize in the area, to allow us sponsor great individuals and causes. These agency do the research for us on all application. In order to be considered for a sponsorship, you must be a Raww Gear customer who have purchased a product that you love directly from our Raww official website. This allows us to weed out people that are not serious about being sponsored by us and allows us to give more in return to our limited sponsors. Next step is to complete the full application which helps us understand your lifestyle and fit for our sponsorship program. You can apply once every 3 month to our program, more entries allows you to show dedication for Raww. We save all application for 3 years and select top applications every quarter to be sponsored by Raww.

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