Thinnest lifting gloves made with our specially manufactured SKINTEXTURE™ material


Minimalist gloves, Lift Smarter

“Its like having no gloves… only 10 times better”

Crossfit grip

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1st gloves in the world
to combine breakthrough materials, 3 patent-pending design innovation & lifting physics to help you lift at the next level.

Barehand Benefit 1



Patented 2-layers stop skin pinching & calluses for

stronger grip

Barehand-gloves-minimalist-gloves reduction

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Barehand Benefit 2



Paper-thin SKINTEXTURE™ material activates stronger hand contraction + allows you to

feel the bars

Minimalist thinnest gloves

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Barehand Benefit 3


Barehand gloves minimalist gloves hand position

Rollable palm allows you to lock the bar towards the palm for

perfect wrist posture


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Crossfit grip


World’s top selling- Over 70,000 people trust Barehand for their workouts

Amy P
I generally hate training with anything that comes between me and the bar… I really liked Barehand!!! I definitely recommend them and am going to continue training in them.
Amy P Crossfit Games Athlete x3
Michael S.
Barehand are a perfect blend of minimal & functional. You don’t know they’re there till it’s time for them to work. And work they do.
Michael S. CEO of PR Jump Ropes
I can honestly say I notice a difference in my grip…, no rip! I’ve used them in every WOD since I got them. Pull-ups, deadlifts, clean & jerk, snatch, kettlebell swings… thrusters.
Kim Crossfit Athlete
Ashlie A.
Amazing performance handled for the bars, ropes & wall climbs #feelthebars
Ashlie A. OCR Athlete
Osa S.
I was against wearing gloves because they make your hands weaker. But Barehand is so thin that I can feel the bar and still have the natural hand grip without the friction.
Osa S. CEO of
Yussef S.
I swear to god, you gonna love Barehand gloves .. It feels like real bare hands
Yussef S. Crossfitter
Randy Dizon
Friction reduction design is awesome and Barehand makes the muscle-up easier.
Randy Dizon Calisthenic Athlete
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